Welcome to Nanotech Development Ltd

Nanotech Development LTD is an Innovative Company established in 2013 by a group of researchers. Nanotech is specialized in the production of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT), mainly Single Wall (SWCNT) and Multi wall (MWCNT). The Company works on the development of related CNT products and additives for industries. We provide rapid, efficient and professional services adapted to customers’ needs.

Nanotech production of CNT is made by ARC DISCHARGE process, our production unit of 30 kw can produce a large quantity of CNT and considered to be of a very high quality products suitable for electronics, films, conductive paint and many other applications.

Nanotech embodied the concept of technologies research with continuous emphasis on the CNT production processes as well as applications development. By collaborating with customers in various industries, R&D institutes, Universities and professors, the company has mapped a blueprint of commercialization of CNT related products.